Peregrine Trophy Awards – On board HMS Bulwark – 7 June 2016,

A group of our members attended the Peregrine Trophy Awards. We will be putting up photographs and the other details up in the next couple of weeks.

Those attending were: Paul and Sue Parrack, Ray and Pam Whitehouse, Jan and Doreen Larcombe, Brian Jackson, Pete and Bridget Bunting, Val and Tony Darbyshire, Paul and Sheila Hopley, Mike and Jean Keeling and Steve and Hilary King. website…

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The Peregrine Trophy Awards – 2015

On Friday 7th May the awards ceremony took place on HMS Ocean, moored up by the Royal Naval College at Greenwich.

You can see a report and some photographs on this page…

Click here see the 2015 Peregrine Trophy Awards Ceremony

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