Your Committee

Your committee give a little bit of their time to help the association function and grow. Please remember we are here to serve you and love to hear what you want, so any fresh ideas you have please let us know. Here is a bit about us all, in case you have no idea who we are:

Tony Darbyshire, Chair

Tony_Darbyshire I’ve been in the chair since 2012/13. I joined the navy the day after Churchill died in January 1965. I served with some top notch phots. most of whom put me to shame. A21’s (and mugshots) were my speciality! I realised I was on a downhill slope when they threw my entries for the Peregrine Trophy in the bin. You can read more about me, my time in the navy and what I’ve done since if you go here… Tony’s personal profile and I can be contacted by email here,

I’m now the RNPA Webmaster too, and in that role you can write to me at…

Pete Bunting, vice-Chair

Pete Bunting For my sins in a previous life I have to back up the chairman as he has this habit of losing his voice at critical moments. 🙂 I spend my day making tea and drinking it (a bit like I’ve done all of my life for others!). I now live in Newport, Shropshire which is where Bridget and myself have lived for many years now. I am working part-time these days at the RAF Cosford museum, and I’m also chairman of my local RNA. If you want to know more about me, my navy days and what I’ve been doing since then go here… Pete’s personal profile

You can write to me here if you want to send me a message…

Maurice ‘Jan’ Larcombe, Historian (No longer on the Committee)

Jan_LarcombeI’m the guardian of the Historic Archives. I’ve done other jobs on your committee over the years and it’s been a pleasure to serve. I also had a very long career serving Queen and country, as many of you know. You can more about my time here… Jan’s personal profile but it was so long ago now I’m getting a bit rusty on how many places I’ve been! Perhaps some of you out there can help me remember it all? If so, then get in touch and remind me! If you need to contact me then write to me at:

Ray Whitehouse, Social Secretary & Temporary Secretary (until a new one is appointed later in 2019)

Ray_Whitehouse I’ve been the social secretary of your RNPA for many years now, and I really do enjoy the time I spend seeking your views. Finding suitable locations for us to go to for our reunions is an ongoing and important issue for us all. We’ve been around the country and also had reunions abroad but if you have any suggestions for our social events then please keep them coming!

You can write to me at…

You will find more about me and my own time as a phot. here…Ray’s personal profile

Steve King, Membership Secretary

My role is to encourage new members in and help them make the most of their association. If you know of any serving or ex-serving phot. who is not a currently a member then please contact me. Just send me an email to:

If you want to know about my own time in the navy then there’s more on me here…Steve’s personal profile

Hilary King, Newsletter Editor

Hilary KingMy role for the Association is to do my best to fill our newsletters with interesting content. But newsletters do need content! It would help me if you would submit any articles you feel would be of interest to our readers. I’m sure you all remember lots from the past so please send them to me. You can write to me here…
I served as a phot. in various places but if you’d like to see my own career and my life before and after my time as a wren then go here…Hilary’s personal profile

Danny Du Feu, Exhibitions & Displays

Danny Du FeuIf you want to put on an exhibition or erect a display for a function then I’m your man! I keep archive of our displays which sit neat and tidy in my garage and just waiting for a call to action!

Please write to me if they could be of use to you here… and you will find out more about my own time as a phot. here…Danny’s personal profile

Val Darbyshire, Treasurer

I served as an Education Wren, joining in May 1968. Val DarbyshireBecause I can spell and add up pretty well I was pressed into being the association treasurer. Each year I add up the pennies and submit the annual accounts for your committee and, ultimately at the AGM for the approval of the membership.
If you want to know more about me and my life then you will be able to read more here…Val’s personal profile
If you want to contact me my email address is…