MINUTES FOR THE ROYAL NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE MEETING HELD AT SFPU (E) HMS EXCELLENT PORTSMOUTH ON MONDAY 12th MARCH 2012 AT 1100 Present: Jan Larcombe –acting chairman Ray Whitehouse H. King S. King Amanda Reynolds. Apologies Ian Hooper Richie Moss Paul Cowpe Minutes of previous meeting held 24TH September 2011 Minutes approved and duly signed by Jan Larcombe Item 2. Matters Arising. Covered below. Item 3 Secretary’s Report Jan had asked Ian to forward the Secretaries pack. He has sent Jan 5 sets of Minutes. Account is pretty healthy as of 28th December we had £ 3664.63 and to date we have £4483 .37. Many members had not updated their Standing orders Only 66 Paid up members, Some 13 had not paid the correct amount Steve to chase up. New email to all email addresses. Item 5 Membership Secretarys Report Steve King stated the new database is now completed and running but needs to master the program. It gives us so much more in what it can reproduce very quickly rather than using Excel to work out information. Hilary has now completed making up the cards with reference to treasures report. Hilary has added Single and Joint membership where appropriate. Discussion on dates of issue and expiry. It was agreed to leave cards as planned. . Amanda to supply email addresses of serving members Item 6 Social Secretarys report Ray stated we were in for a busy year and is planning to arrange three major events Ray expressed some reservation on returning to previous venues but it was agreed that the reunion would be in late September. Social on Friday night. AGM in the Mariners Club on Saturday afternoon then a Social Reunion in the Boathouse in the evening. Post meeting note The boat house had become prohibitively expensive and also required payment for a minimum of 120 people. Ray is investigating other venues in the area Late June /July Dedication of RNPA plaque at the Nation Arboretum Once this had been agreed a design for plaques the RNPA plaque can be made and a date can be announced. I was agreed that the RNPA plaque should include both the Camera and aeroplane badge designs Possible Event in Bristol or other area Possible Cosford Reunion 14th June 2012 Falklands 30th Anniversary Service at Yeovilton. Jan expressed an interest in representing the RNPA Steve reported new printer is fast and more efficient than inkjet printing. I Item 8 Jan had info from Paul Cowpe on the Web site Jan suggested we look at an RNPA News Group and would ask Paul to investigate Item 9 Covered in Item 6 Item 10 Covered in Item 3 Item 11 Newton Bell Jan had emailed Stuart three times with no response (Stuart in Libya again). Amanda had had contact on facebook and agreed to try and find out what progress had been made Item 12 Tee Shirts and Embroidered Fleece Steve has had two items Embroidered from a company called Whittakers A sum of £20 was paid for the production of the RNPA Logo. This logo remains on the system and any garments are embroidered for free. One only pays for the items when purchased Item 13 Danny Du feu. New role. Item 12 Constitution Constitution 2009 version. Jan suggested that this be looked at and updated if necessary. Item 12 The committee disused this and was agreed that until AGM Ray Whitehouse would be Acting Chairman Meeting declared closed at 1308 .

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