Photograph – Group: Course Class 35 – 1945

Photographic Course: Class 35

Left to right:

Back row: Haroson R K, Gauntlett, Concombe, ?, Crabtree, Bvutcherfield, Okeay, ?, Green, Cooper, Gilespie, Walker,
Middle row: Brensteny, Butler, Muscroft, Parker, Gilbert, Payne, Cook, Wallar, Hamilton, Somerfield, Crockshank,
Front row: Aonum, Kerayman, Linicy, ?, Consti—-, Sourden, McCoil, McCoire–n,Davidson, Heens,

We have a reference to Felpham but no confirmation that this picture was taken there.

Ship/Place/Originator: Felpham
Date / Date Range: 03-11-1945
Submitted By: FPU
Now Held By: RNPA Historian
Date Added:
Historians Number: Hist662
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