Photograph – Group: Course – Class 37 – 1945

Course Class 37

Some names aren’t clear of the course participants.

These are the ones we’ve been able to decipher:

Left to right:

Back row: Recerin (?), Gammson, Donnelly, Roberts, McCabe, Moseley, Ferdinand, Chubb, Rintoul
Middle row: Dales, Campbell, Burgess, Walters, Perrigo, Lipson, Musgrave, Ellis, Pritchard, Wilkinson, Kelly.
Front row: Lentz (?), Desbois, Morley, Gilbey, Pepper, Wood, Atkins, Ryan, Duigenam (?), Withinshaw.

The course was probably held at Felpham.

Ship/Place/Originator: Felpham
Date / Date Range: 21-12-1945
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