Informal Group outside the WO’s and Senior Rates Mess HMS Excellent prior to the
Dinner and Ball to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Navy photographic branch
Guest List
Paul & Sarah A’Barrow, Gaz Armes, Rory Arnold, Michael & Jessica Beard¸ Mike & Caroline Beardall, Steve & Sain Bell, Vicki Benwell,
Tel Boughton, Pete & Bridget Bunting, Joe Cater, Alex Cave, Daren Casey, John Clews, Sam Chapman, Angie Cheal, Amada Pearce,
Owen & Lindsey Cooban, Dave & Tina Coombs, Ronnie Corbet, Gemma Davidson, Gary & Patsy Davies, Danny de Feu,
Nathan, Jane, Jessica & Daisy Dua, Richard Etiene, Phil & Fiona Everitt, Brian Fenwick, Sarah Northcoat, Roger & Pam Forbes, Rob Harding, Claire Davis, Arron Hoare , Kerry Youden, Pete Holdgate, Samantha Brook, Pete Holland, Robert Hunter, Claire Mullett, Judy & John Hurst,
Pete James, Philip Aplin, Kevin & Adele Jefferies, Ray Jones, Fraser & Jane Jordon, Catherine Kelly, Steve & Hilary King,
Jan & Doreen Larcombe, Deanne & Durand Lowe, Unasi T Luke, JJ & Sharon Massey, Caroline Murray-Jones, Michael McBarron,
David McCormick, Ben Milford, Richard Moss, James Nesbit, Will Oliver, T Panay, Ellie Pilmore, Mark & Mrs Reynolds, Vince & Yonna Richards, Joel Rouse, Stacy Kendall, Kevin Russell, Abbie & Ross Scullion, Sam Seely, Claudia Albrecht, Glynis & Mrs M Shaw,
Bob Stanyard, Pauline Chalk, Keith & Helen Sturge, Richard & Michelle Thompson, Bunny & Linda Warren, Paul & Catherine Wellings,
Lesley Wenden, Stuart Wood
See also 1432

Ship/Place/Originator: HMS EXCELLENT Date/ Date Range 21-9-2019
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