Photograph – Ian Hooper and Dave Menaul – Posing for a Kodak Publication – c1979/80

Ian Hooper and Dave Menaul Working on Stinebeck ? Editor posing for a Kodak publication

More information on Steenbeck Editing Tables: (Taken from the Steenbeck website)
Since 1953  STEENBECK  is manufacturing film editing tables for the motion picture industry.
For more than 60 years Steenbeck has been setting a mark and has been trend setter for qualityand precision in this branch.
Many developments were made for all kinds of special applications, film editing, telecine, viewing and checking motion picture film and even X-ray films in hospitals.
In 2003  STEENBECK moved from Hamburg/Germany to Venray/Holland in the Dutch province Limburg, specifically in an Industrial High Tech Park near the Dutch motorway A73 that connects Germany to Amsterdam.Here we manufacture film viewing and controlling tables, spare parts and carry out maintenance.
We sell new and also (young) used/fully reconditioned Steenbeck flatbeds.
STEENBECK is alive and kicking and we still continue to develop and implement improvements.
These are clearly seen in our  ‘New Line Series’ and  ‘Jubiliee Series’.
Many Steenbecks are and will be in use for many years to come in film archives, film restoration facilities,
post production houses, film scan facilities and film schools all over the world.

Steenbeck will keep on producing film viewing and controlling editors to meet the demand of the
contemporary field of film expertise; connecting the analogue systems with the newest digital available applications.

Ship/Place/Originator: Excellent
Date / Date Range: 1979/80
Submitted By: Ian Hooper
Now Held By: Ian Hooper
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