Photograph – PO ‘Taff’ Eyers Instructing Photographers at RNSOP, HMS Peregrine (RNAS Ford) – 1958

Photograph –

PO Instructor Taff Eyers points out the fundamental aspects of press photography to No. 6 Course Phot III trainees.

Left to right:

Taff Eyers, Bill McRobbie, left, Ray Pogson, Duncan Reid and Mike Lay.

Taken at RNSOP at RNAS Ford in July 1958.

Alex Jamieson took the photograph.

Ship/Place/Originator: Ford
Date / Date Range: 01-07-1958
Submitted By: Ray Pogson
Now Held By: Ray Pogson
Date Added: 15-12-2021
Historians Number: Hist1332
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