Some parts of this site can only be accessed by members of the RNPA.

Membership of this site is restricted to serving or ex-RN photographers only. However certain parts of the site may be seen by non-members including the general public. Only full members can get access to the membership list and their personal profiles.

If you are a member of the RNPA and do not have login details for this website, please use the contact form to send in a request to the membership secretary. Please go to the contact page… (Link to contact page) or send an email to: membershipsecretary@rnpa.org.uk

Annual Subscription

Subscriptions are a small annual donation from members to help with running of the association for their benefit. At reunions the room hire costs and some other expenses are funded from the members annual subscriptions. Annual membership of the RNPA is:

  • £15pa for single members, or
  • £20pa for joint membership

For ease of administration it would be appreciated if new members could set up a standing order via their bank account, using the BACS system. If you not have online banking then we can accept the annual payment by cheque.

RNPA Bank Details

If you have access to online banking you can set up your standing order by inputting the following information on your bank’s website:
Name: Naval Photographers Association
Sort Code:
Bank Account No:

Standing Order – How To Set It Up

The standing order should be set up to be paid on 1st January each year. If you join the RNPA part way through a year please calculate the payment for each month by dividing the annual fee by 12 and then multiplying by the number of months remaining in the year you join. i.e. if you join in part-way through the year the subscription is calculate on a pro-rata basis. However, if you join at anytime after 1st November then we will accept the annual payment and your membership will run for fourteen months and not twelve months.

Payment of Subscription by Cheque

If you don’t have access to online banking then we can accept a cheque. Please make your cheque out to: Naval Photographers Association. Please contact the treasurer at the email address given below and you will be sent the address to send your cheque to.

If you require further information or help, please contact the Association’s treasurer by writing to: treasurer@rnpa.org.uk

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