Site Development

The RNPA website is in the process of development. We want all the information and content to be as accurate as possible. If members, or visitors, feel that there are inaccuracies then please contact the Webmaster, or leave your message/comment in the reply box below.

Kirsty, Consultant Webmaster

kirsty_darbyshire_consultant_webmasterI’m responsible for keeping your website from suffering a catastrophic nervous breakdown, but only in a consultancy capacity! If your own Webmaster heads down to the engine room of the ‘site and fouls it up (a bit like rope that wraps round the propellor on those big shippy things you lot used to ride around in!) …it’s me that gets drafted in to help fix it.

All too often websites get stale. This is because they get built, then get put up online… and then get forgotten about!

We want YOUR website to be much better than that. If you feel you can help us to keep this website clean, tidy and upto date then please let us know. A few people mucking in to help would be a real bonus. Good websites need fresh content to make them worth visiting. So even if you can’t actually do ‘web stuff’, you may be able to help us add interesting content.

You can find out more about me here…All about Kirsty! (scroll to the bottom) 🙂

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