Swing The Lamp

EVERYTHING in the front garden was rosy so far as Olga Price was concerned.

Begonias were blooming, chrysanthemums were catching the eye and purple celosia caracas adding a vivid splash of colour to her horticultural efforts.

And after all her hard work weeding Olga was confident she could make it three successive Gold Awards in the Annual Llandudno In Bloom competition having scooped a top award the previous two years.

But she hadn't reckoned on the Coronavirus epidemic.

And when the competition organiser's website announced that the event was being cancelled for 2020, Olga's expectations were dashed.


The sweet smell of success... Olga's award-winning garden!

A proud Olga with her previous Gold Medal certificates


Olga, wife of RNPA member David Price, initially entered the competition after a chatty passer-by stopped to admire her green-fingered efforts and encouraged her to have a go.

“Mine is a low-maintenance garden with something always in bloom,” said Olga. “It contains over 50 different plant species including some from Barbados where I come from, as well as hydrangea and an evergreen to add colour all the year round. And I'm lucky in that I have very good soil.”

Olga competes in the My Garden class for residential properties, but the Llandudno In Bloom competition attracts entries from hotels, hospitals, pubs and public buildings.

* Covid-19 has also hit David and Olga's Golden Wedding anniversary plans, causing the cancellation of a trip to Barbados due to problems organising a virus test. The couple now aim to celebrate in Gibraltar where they spent their honeymoon.

The End of an Era

Black Tot Day occurred on 31st July, 1970. It was the last day of the officially sanctioned rum ration in the Royal Navy that dated back to 1665. It was poured as usual at 6 bells in the forenoon watch (11am) after the pipe of 'up spirits'.

This is a photograph of the day the rum tub died.

Old lags will remember that the tot was abolished for junior rates on the last day of July 1970.

This is a picture taken by me at HMS Terror when the tub was made to walk the plank!

The audience were witnesses to the end of the tot and comprised a mixture of officers, senior rates and junior rates with their wives and girlfriends.

Ray Whitehouse

Last Rum Issue