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Historical Archive

In 1919 the first photographic specialisation was born.

Our  'Historical Archive' doesn't quite go back that far but this is where we store our own photographs dating from around the 1940s. 

Social Events

Every year we hold our annual reunion where members of the association can get together to renew friendship and talk about the old times and what they are doing now. 

The next reunion will be in Bristol over the weekend of Friday 4th October to Monday 7th October 2024.

More details will be sent out to members via email and posted on this website soon. 


On the News page we give updates on things we're told about that we want to share with members of the association.

This news can be anything from stories submitted by members, to letting everyone know those sad occasions when a colleague has crossed the bar.

We suggest that you make this page your first port of call when you visit the website as it will enable you to catch up on current and past information.


Our Centenary Dinner Photograph

The serving photographers, along with some of our retired photographers gathered for a special dinner arranged to celebrate one hundred years of navy photography.

The location was the Senior Rates Mess at HMS Excellent, Whale Island. 

No.4_Boatshed_RNPA_100th_Anniversary_2019_1024x 30
No.4_Boatshed_RNPA_100th_Anniversary_2019_1024x 28
No.4_Boatshed_RNPA_100th_Anniversary_2019_1024x 29
The History of Royal Navy Photography

Just after the first world war ended the Royal Navy decided to have a team of photographers.

To find out more about  you can now find a comprehensive history in this book…

A History of Royal Navy Photography by Maurice 'Jan' Larcombe

The book is available on the Amazon UK website for purchase.

A History of RN Photography - Front Cover
The Boat House - Portsmouth Dockyard

At our 100th anniversary reunion in 2019 we spent the Sunday morning showing visitors some of our (ancient) equipment!

We set it up and explained to them the beginnings of naval photography from 1919. We had a great morning and we're grateful to Danny Du Feu and other members for setting up the display stands and the kit!