Our Aims

The RNPA website is for serving Royal Navy photographers and ex-Phots of the photographic branch to view and exchange information. Non-members are given access to many pages on the ‘site, but cannot view member profiles or the membership list. Only serving Royal Navy photographers and ex-phots. may view members’ profiles, and the full membership list.

The aims of the RNPA

  • Promote the Association and the RN Photographic Branch, and to encourage joint social events.
  • Provide a social calendar to enable members to meet on a regular basis; Reunions, AGM’s etc.
  • Provide a central point of contact through the Secretary for Members.
  • Maintain a close liaison with the parent branch, and the Service in general.
  • Provide an accurate history of the branch for factual reference

Who Can See Information On The Site?

Only members who have paid their annual subscription to the RNPA can access all parts of the site. The part of the site that is only visible to paid-up members of the RNPA is the MEMBERS SECTION and their person profiles.

We have made parts of the site visible to non-members. n.b. non-members cannot view the personal profiles of our members. Only full members of the RNPA can access all information on this website.

Data Protection Act

As a non-profit organisation the RNPA is exempt from the Data Protection Act. You can find out more about the rules here… Information on the UK Data Protection Act

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