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Clicking any of the menu’s on the main menu bar will take you to the various pages we’ve added links to.

The headings on the ‘drop-down’ menus should be self-explanatory, Briefly, from left to right, the menu’s are:

  • Home: From here you can see our welcome page and three images that will take you to other parts of the website.
  • HELP! We want you to make the most of your website so here we’ve put pages that will show you:
    • How to put in information on your member profile (only for paid-up members)
    • Your Guide to the website (and you’re currently in the guide in case you’re confused!)
    • A page which explains about the future development of this website
  • About: This menu will take you to a several pages via a drop-down menu, namely
    • Aims; which lists our aims and our reasons of having the RNPA.
    • Your Committee; a list of your current committee members and links to their personal profiles.
    • Previous Committee Members; we will be putting a list of all previous committee members that have served the RNPA, but it’s currently ‘under construction’.
    • Vacancies; we list here any positions we would like help with (this page will be updated from time to time but may also be ’empty’ if there are no vacancies.

    We are still working on this page to complete the entries. So keep your eye out for updates.

    Left Hand Side Bar

      Down the left hand side (on the Left Side Bar) there is various categories with links to other websites, you may find useful.

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