Olga’s Prize winning garden!

We’ve put a piece on the website about David Price’s wife Olga, and her prize winning garden.

To read more about Olga’s achievement go to the ‘Swing The Lamp’ tab on the main menu bar, or CLICK HERE. You’ll find pictures of her award winning garden. Thanks to David and Olga for submitting the photographs, and to Ray Pogson for providing the write-up for us all on Olga’s lovely garden.

All that remains of for all of us to be inspired by the results and get out in our own gardens to emulate her!

We’ve made some changes to the website. We now have a menu item called ‘News’. In future the latest news will be displayed on this page.

RNPA Visit to HMS Queen Elizabeth

Pictured: Royal Navy Photography Association on board HMS Queen Elizabeth for the RN Phot 100.
Royal Navy Photography Association on board HMS Queen Elizabeth
The Royal Navy Photography Association visited HMS Queen Elizabeth for a tour and to celebrate the 100 years of the Photographic Branch in the Royal Navy.

Kneeling: Danny Du Feu and Ray Whitehouse

Front row: Tony Darbyshire, Paul Parrack, Geoff Holland, Julie Richardson, Joan, Hilary King (just behind Joan), Sue Parrack, Pam Whitehouse, Helen Holland, Jean Keeling, Linda Warren, Pauline with Bob Stanyard, Stuart Warren and Martin (ex Merchant Navy)

Behind them: Mervyn Ellis, Ray Pogson, Tina Du Feu, Andrea, Steve King, Mike Keeling, John Flack, Roy (brother of Joan) and John Siviter tucked in behind Bob S.

Peregrine Trophy Gallery

Lots of photographs on this page…

See them by clicking on the link, or go to the menu bar and click on Peregrine Trophy Awards and move down to 2016 Gallery.

You can enlarge them too by clicking on the bottom right corner icon.

Peregrine Trophy Awards – On board HMS Bulwark – 7 June 2016,

A group of our members attended the Peregrine Trophy Awards. Photographs can be found from the main menu bar…i.e. Peregrine Trophy Awards.

Those attending were: Paul and Sue Parrack, Ray and Pam Whitehouse, Jan and Doreen Larcombe, Brian Jackson, Pete and Bridget Bunting, Val and Tony Darbyshire, Paul and Sheila Hopley, Mike and Jean Keeling and Steve and Hilary King. website…

On the left hand side bar in the Royal Navy links we’ve added a link to the website.

Membership of their Association costs £12.50pa or £90 for a ten year subscription.