Newport (Shropshire) Royal Naval Association

Greetings everyone.  A much happier report from our RNA.  All goes well, we’re almost back to our normal opening routines and holding a quite reasonable bank balance.  We still have to negotiate a new lease towards the end of next year (2022).  Latest conversation with the Landlord suggests that he’s much more amicable to supporting us than selling.  Sighs of relief all round but the target is moving, no time to relax.

The offer remains wide open folks, if you’re in the Newport area for a few days make sure you find out what’s going on at the Newport Navy Club, that’s the Facebook tag for us.  We’ve been doing Vets Breakfasts for a few months now, they are getting popular.  Hosting the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening has been a pleasure.  We’re running Open Mic every Tuesday night and our Club night is Saturday, live music and dancing till you drop.

All the best to all our RNPA members.

Pete Bunting

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07850 462575

The RNA in Newport

Hello Everyone.

Good news about the RNA in Newport.  I’m very pleased to say that we are still in business, we have our heads above water and the members are coming back.  We have signed up to the the Armed Forces Covenant. That makes us a lot more able to help our members and others with a much longer reach than we had before.  One of our members contracted MND, we now have him under the direct care of specialists.  All with the support of the Covenant.

For those of you attended the reunion in Telford, the RNA Club held a function for the reunion, you know where the club is, it hasn’t moved, we’d love to see you back here.  There’s also a standing invitation to any member of the RNPA to visit the Club if you’re in our area.  Newport is in Shropshire, not too far from RAF Cosford.

Pete Bunting (Ex CPOA (Phot)

RNPA Visit to HMS Queen Elizabeth

Pictured: Royal Navy Photography Association on board HMS Queen Elizabeth for the RN Phot 100.
Royal Navy Photography Association on board HMS Queen Elizabeth
The Royal Navy Photography Association visited HMS Queen Elizabeth for a tour and to celebrate the 100 years of the Photographic Branch in the Royal Navy.

Kneeling: Danny Du Feu and Ray Whitehouse

Front row: Tony Darbyshire, Paul Parrack, Geoff Holland, Julie Richardson, Joan, Hilary King (just behind Joan), Sue Parrack, Pam Whitehouse, Helen Holland, Jean Keeling, Linda Warren, Pauline with Bob Stanyard, Stuart Warren and Martin (ex Merchant Navy)

Behind them: Mervyn Ellis, Ray Pogson, Tina Du Feu, Andrea, Steve King, Mike Keeling, John Flack, Roy (brother of Joan) and John Siviter tucked in behind Bob S.

Update to the RNPA website (16 November 2015)

The website has been updated as of this date;

The changes are:

The reunion over the second weekend in October 2015 at the Royal Historic Dockyard in Chatham has now become a ‘past social event’. By clicking on ‘Social Events’ on the main menu bar there is now a link to this event to reflect that it’s now history!

Other changes include the update on the Planned Social Events page which now gives brief details of what is being planned for our next reunion over the weekend of 30th Sept. to 2nd October 2016. Not a lot of content there at the moment but Ray intends to give out more details during the first quarter of 2016.

Also, the photographs on the home page for ‘Social Events’, ‘Personal Details’ and Days Gone By’ have been changed.

Finally, a new gallery of photographs taken over the Chatham reunion weekend has been added. Just click on the ‘Gallery’ tab on the main menu bar, scroll down and you will find the new pictures.