This is the Galleries page.These photos are here to demonstrate how we can pull in albums and content from
One of the (potentially) heavy costs of running a website like ours is the amount of ‘bandwidth’ media takes up. This is especially so if the images get lots of ‘clicks’.

Our way around that problem is to use other websites to upload images to, and then to ‘import’ them from their website. Over the long term it can save lots of money. The only small downside is that when you click on an image to see the larger size it opens up a new window and goes to the ‘parent’ website, ie – but we feel this is worth the hassle.

The really good news is that we are able to use unlimited amounts of flickr’s bandwidth. This means if you have images that you would like to share with everyone we can do it very cheaply by ‘piggy-backing’ their site. In the near future we are going to show you how to do this with a little bit of instruction. Remember that you can scan your photos to make a digital image of them…and we want to see as many of your ancient (sorry, historic!) photos as we can.

Can I Put My Own Photographs Into The RNPA Galleries Page?

In a word, yes.

This is what you need to do:

  • First, go and open a account, if you don’t have one already. Go here to open your account
  • Second, upload the photographs from your own ‘archive’ and create an album for them with a name for that album, e.g. “My Navy Archive” (but you can call it what you want).
  • Third, open the album (flickr used to call them ‘sets’, and this is what will appear in the URL (in your search engine browser), it should look something like this…
  • Fourth, email that link to the RNPA Webmaster and ask for your gallery to be added to this page.

If you have any queries then email the RNPA Webmaster at: and you will be contacted as soon as possible so we can lend a hand.

Royal Historic Dockyard Chatham Reunion – October 2015

These photographs were taken at our most recent reunion at Chatham.

Bournemouth Reunion Photos – 2013

The photos in this set were taken at the Reunion in October 2013.

Portsmouth Reunion – 2012

This set of photos below were taken at the RNPA Portsmouth Reunion in September/October 2012.

Chris Dalby celebrated his 70th birthday on 12th January 2015.

These are photos taken at his surprise birthday party!

This set of photos is of the RNPA Exhibition Display Stand

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