Christmas Card – RN School Of Photography -HMS Peregrine (RNAS Ford) – 1954

Left to right:

Back row: Name not known (16 Course), Tex Marshall (18 course), Name not known (16 course), Stan Jones (18 course) (NS), Stan Harrup (18 course), Name not known (16 course?), George Ash (18 course), Len Hutton (17 course), Terry Gill (17 course), McCoy (17 course).

Middle row:Name not known (16 course), Mike Williams (Cine Instructor), Ron Bowey (Trials Section), Dave King (Air Camera Instructor), Hutchinson (Trials Section), Paul Johnson (Course Instructor), Ray Pugh (Store), Name not known (16 course), Binnie Ansdel (17 Course).

Front row: Stan Fairhurst (Stores), Bert Sinfield (Model Maker), Cyril Greesham (Course Officer), Freddie Rogers (Course Officer), Arthur Keep (CO), Name not known (Chief Instructor), Jock Morrow (Trials Officer), Flash Gordon,Name not known, Bill Barber, CPO Docherty

Ship/Place/Originator: Peregrine
Date / Date Range: c1954
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