How To Register Your RNPA Account

Only Paid-Up members of the RNPA may register for an account with the Association.

Also, becoming a registered user of the RNPA Website is not available to anyone who has not served as a Royal Navy photographer.

Any visitor who does not have a navy phot. background please do not try and register because your request to join will be denied. (Do not waste your time trying to do so.)

Once you’ve registered your account please follow this link if you need help with the completion of your personal profile:

How To Complete Your Personal Profile.

Registering Your Account

The image on the left is what you see when you go to the register an account page.

As this website is only for members you need to have an invite code to create an account.  If you have not been sent an invite code and are a member of the RNPA then please use the Contact Form to get in touch and ask for an invite code to be sent to you. Fill this invite code into the first box on the page.

Choose your Username – this can be anything you like as long as no one else has chosen it already, Jolly Jack Tar has chosen to use “JackTar”.

Fill in your Email Address – we need this so we can send you a link to activate your account. Please double check you have typed it correctly!

Make up a Password for your account. Jolly Jack Tar has chosen a nice strong password to ensure his account can’t be hacked into. See below for some help with this!

Also fill in your Name.

Finally press the Complete Sign Up button at the bottom.

Some Help With Passwords

If you make up your own password then it is a good idea to make it ‘long’ and include upper and lower-case letters and some symbols and numbers. Hackers usually look for the simple stuff like ‘password’ or, in this case, ‘JackTar’! Choosing a strong password ensures that neither your account nor our website is compromised. So please do your best to make your password ‘unhackable’!

Our suggestion is to use a ‘password generation tool’ like which will make up a strong password for you.

If you are concerned about remembering your password then we suggest using a service like – this website can store all of your passwords for you. You then only have to remember ONE password, ie the one you need to log in to your lastpass account. This is an excellent free service.

Activate Your AccountWhen you have pressed the ‘Register’ button you will be taken to a page telling you to check your email.

Now go and check your email! You should shortly receive an email message with the subject line [RNPA] Activate Your Account. Be patient as it can sometimes take an hour or two for an email to arrive, but most of the time they arrive fairly quickly.
The email message is very short and contains a link which it asks you to click to activate your account. Click the link in the email!

If you have not received an email message like this after a few hours then use the Contact Form to get in touch – just tell us the username and email address you were registering with and we will look into what has gone wrong. Do check any Junk or Spam folders though as these automated messages can often end up in there even when you want them!


Register With The RNPAOnce you’ve clicked on the link to activate your account, you will be able to login. Go to the front page of the RNPA website and log in using the Username and password you created when registering your account.

Jolly Jack Tar has the username he chose, i.e. JackTar, and his password.

If you are using your own computer/smartphone/tablet you may wish to tick the box which says ‘Remember Me’. (It’s probably best not to tick this box if you’re on someone else’s device.)

Finally click the Log In button and you are in!



The next step is to fill in your profile information. If you need help with how to complete it, click on the link below and it will take you to the page that explains the process…

How To Complete Your Personal Profile.

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