Application For Membership of the RNPA

Membership of the RNPA

Membership of the RNPA site is open to all serving and ex-Phots. who have been in the branch. In order to access the profiles of other members requires you to be a member. We welcome anyone who is, or has been a navy phot.

Discretionary Membership of the Association

At the discretion of your committee they may also 'invite' a person to join our Association if they serve as a member of the committee or have a direct connection with the branch in some capacity.

Serving RN Photographers

Serving phots. are automatically members of the Association and are not required to pay the normal annual subscription for membership.

When a serving phot. leaves the service he or she is asked to pay the annual subscription of £15pa for single membership, or £20pa for joint membership.


On the right is a button that will open up our Membership Application Form. This will allow you to print it off.

Our Membership Secretary, Steve King, will process your application and issue you with a special invitation code so you can then register as a member for the website.

Are you still in touch with any Ex-RN Photographers?

If you are currently in touch with any phot. who is not a member then please help us to swell our numbers by letting them know about the RNPA. The easiest way to do this is to share the RNPA website with them, and then let us know too.

You can do this by contacting our Recruitment Officer, Julie Richardson. Her email address is:


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