Christmas Card. FPU. Produced by Cath Kelly and Jim Birmingham

Back row L to R. Peter Keenan,Nobby Clark,Chick Fowler, Danny DuFeu,Eric Palm USN Danny Bush USN Grant Hindle, John Young, Dave Dresher ick Burnett, John Coombs, Tom Marriott, Sue Thompson?,Wally Beards, CEM ?
Middle Row. Morag Simms, Wilf Francis, Chris Byrne, Jim Birmingham,Dusty Miller, Ches Beech, Denny O’Toole, Chris McDermott, Andy Poole, ?, Tom Webster, Russ Walley, Liz Taylor,
Front Row. Dutchy Holland, Jack Dewis, Ian Hooper, Bungy Williams.
Ship/Place/Originator . Excellent

Date / Date Range: 1977?
Submitted By: Ian Hooper
Now Held By: Ian Hooper
Date Added:
Historians Number: Hist 439
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