Of Brass Plaque with Names of COs of RN School of Photography 1919 to 1965. Donated to FAAM by a Robinson Probably a Lt Arthur Gordon Robinson who was at the school toward the end
Museum Photograph
Last 9 entries read (All Lt Cdrs )
PR Spademan 1 Sept 1952
AHSTC Gore-Lanston 10 July 1953
AP Keep 16Oct 1954
NC Manley Cooper 15 Apr 1957
J Goldie 28 Apr 1958
CJ Fursey 26 Feb 1960
J W Hanman 15 Sept 1961 (Ariel)
CE Wilde 31 Aug 1964(Ariel)
EB May 17 Feb 1965(Ariel)
From Navy List Research
Lt W Lock 12 Nov 1965 (Daedalus)
Lt Cdr M W Barron 2 Sept 1968 (Fulmar)
Lt Cdr RC Dimmock 1969 (Fulmar)
Lt Cdr G B Hoddinott 23 May 1969 (Fulmar)
Lt Cdr J D Smerdon 1 Feb 1971 (Fulmar)
Training went Joint at RAF Cosford 1 April 1972
Other Schools in Navy List
Lt Cdr R G Daplyn 22 July 1968 (Excellent School of Gunnery Phot)
Lt Cdr P Johnson 31 Jan 1973 (Excellent School of Gunnery Phot, RNSAP From 1974)
Lt Cdr T Marriott 11 August 1975 (Excellent, Royal Naval School of Advanced Photography)
Lt Cdr P Johnson 31 Jan 1973 (Excellent, Royal Naval School of Advanced Photography)

Ship/Place/Originator: RNSOP
Original Reference:
Date / Date Range: c1919-1965
Submitted By: Historian
Now Held By: FAAM
Date Added: 06/05/2011
Historians Number: Hist1007
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