Photograph (C) Copyright Real Crisps.

Brian Jackson who says:
I’m attaching an ‘historical’ photo for possible inclusion in your archives showing just what can happen to you, amongst other things, on the other side of a camera once a phot has retired.
Perhaps you could accompany the shot with the two relevant comment and explanation paragraphs with it please.
Another comment is, my agent has suggested I tell you that the Pepperoni image has been photo-shopped to make me older and grizzlier than I really am! I think she’s wrong. I see my face first thing every morning and I can’t see any difference.
It’s a still from a campaign I just done for REAL CRISPS, the pepperoni flavour!
Just imagine, jolly jack ‘snaps’ on a run ashore with his mates on a Friday night ordering four pints and packets of Real Pepperoni Crisps on which is an image of an ancient phot saying ‘Cheers!’ to them.
Ship/Place/Originator . Brian Jackson

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Submitted By: Brian Jackson
Now Held By: Brian Jackson
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Historians Number: Hist85 7
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