Photographs – Aerial Picture of the Plan of Felpham Houses Used by RNSOP – 1945

Plan of Felpham houses used by RNSOP during the second
world war together with old and new photographs of the houses.

There are 14 pictures of the houses, which include a picture of the fire at The Strand Building at the bottom.

Ship/Place/Originator: Stan Weavis/Jan Larcombe
Date / Date Range: 1945 and 2011
Submitted By: Stan Weavis/Jan Larcombe
Now Held By: RNPA Historian
Date Added: 24/10/2011
Historians Number: Hist102 8Part of the Private Summerly Estate, Felpham. Still very exclusive (No Parking on the roads)Breoc, Used as sleeping quarters. Very little changed apart from some infilling of the veranda on the front and the addition of a detached Garage
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