The RNA in Newport

Hello Everyone.

Good news about the RNA in Newport.  I’m very pleased to say that we are still in business, we have our heads above water and the members are coming back.  We have signed up to the the Armed Forces Covenant. That makes us a lot more able to help our members and others with a much longer reach than we had before.  One of our members contracted MND, we now have him under the direct care of specialists.  All with the support of the Covenant.

For those of you attended the reunion in Telford, the RNA Club held a function for the reunion, you know where the club is, it hasn’t moved, we’d love to see you back here.  There’s also a standing invitation to any member of the RNPA to visit the Club if you’re in our area.  Newport is in Shropshire, not too far from RAF Cosford.

Pete Bunting (Ex CPOA (Phot)

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